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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Field Trip

‘Going out and experiencing real things makes learning enjoyable’.

Field visit for students reinforces what a teacher has been explaining in class about various concepts and helps students understand the topic better. It gives students educational experiences away from their regular school environment . The purpose of field trips are important to bridge the gap between class room education and hands on experience. Field trips particularly for high school students can answer the question of how learning can be applied in life.

DPS has organised a field visit to Class VIII students on 22nd Feb 2018. Students visited a field at pamurai in the morning . To understand practically about conventional  farming of  crop in the field was one of the main purposes of the visit. Students were very curious to learn & observe students learn about cultivation of paddy, diseases of rice. They also observed some diseases like blast of rice. They also understood the problems faced by them during crop produce period. They also discussed about the irrigation pattern , methods of harvesting etc. Students were demonstrated traditional and modern implementation of farming . Such field visits create episode memories , which helps students retain information for longer periods . The visit was very valuable for students

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