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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Sankranthi celebrations

Sankranthi, the festival of sun is here ! May it bring you greater knowledge and wisdom and light up your life for the entire New Year!
In our country every celebration is linked to wisdom . Sankranthi is considered an auspicious occasion in our country as it marks the beginning  of auspicious six months period called Uttarayana . Makarasankranthi is a festival of harvest and has a lot of geographical significance.
Sankranthi Celebrations in DPS Anantapur :- Celebrations were held on 10.01.2018. The programme began sharp at 8.00a.m .Kids wearing colourful dresses assembled at the school ground . The events that took place on 3 days of sankranthi were presented by the children.
Bonfire: Our honourable Chairperson Sri Pratap Reddy and Smt Renuka madam inaugurated the function . Special puja was performed by them and bonfire was lit to indicate that we should discard bad elements and ideas from the minds and hearts and welcome new things to prosper.Girls danced around bonfire singing songs in praise of Gods,the spring and the harvest seasons.
We had a special assembly presided by our respected  principal Sri Rajeev Pillai. He conveyed his wishes and wished that this festival should bring prosperity in everyone’s life . Our hnourable in-charge Sri Appi Reddy also conveyed wishes and participated in the celebrations .
Rangoli : The school wore a new look resembling Sankranthi Lakshmi as the teachers along with the children decorated the school ground with different designs of Rangoli and the ground looked amazingly colourful.
A unifying festival: Our celebrations showed that the union of families takes place during Sankranthi event as the teachers and students of all the classes participated actively and enthusiastically in the programme.
Kite Soaring : The students displayed  colourful kites which later soared high in the sky. The flying kites moved against the wind and not along with the wind which represented that the greater the challenges , the harder we should try to overcome them . Without obstacles one would not be motivated to rise.
Cultural programmes:  With sankanthi as a theme many songs were sung and dance programmes representing the significance of sankranthi were performed. The most eye-catching feature of Kanuma is ‘Gangireddula Vinyasam ‘ ,the procession of colourfully decorated bulls in the streets with sannai or nadaswaram music . Our children performed this event which added fun and merry to the occasion.
Pongal meal: A special dish made of rice , greengram and jaggery was prepared. This rich and wholesome dessert was prepared along with the special food items.
Message to Children: A very happy moment , as the day was dedicated to learning and gaining insights into rich cultural history of our country. So children came to know that Makarsankranthi is a signal that we should turn away from darkness and illusion and begin a new life. It also represents the traditions and customs of Telugu culture.



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